Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Read Only Access Level Now in Adwords

Google have today introduced a new feature to Adwords that allows account managers to assign different levels of access to users of that Adwords account. This full roll out comes hot on the heels of the Adwords Access Levels Beta that I discussed last month.

From today, the following message will be displayed in all Adwords accounts:

New! You can now assign three new access levels --
administrative, standard, and reports -- to other users in the account. This new
feature increases security by allowing only administrative access users to
grant, modify, or remove account access of other users. Also, this feature
maintains privacy by ensuring recipients get email communications appropriate to the user's access level. If you are the primary administrator of this account,
please take time now to set up access levels for all users in this account, as
all users will have administrative access by default.

This feature will be of particular use to agencies, where clients want access to their Adwords accounts. Previously, to give them this means risking changes being made to the account without the campaign manager's knowledge. Now the person running the account can grant read-only access to these users, allowing full transparency without risking campaign performance.

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